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Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie MOD APK v1.57 [MOD APK+OBB DATA FILE]

Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie MOD APK

Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie MOD APK is a zombie attack survival game from pragmatiz. You will play as one of the few survivors whose destiny is directly related to these events. Deal with hunger and thirst, look for the survivors’ camps, build your own shelter from the gathered materials. Investigate the causes of infection by completing the quests. Explore into the darkest corners of the City to craft unique armor and weapons. Build vehicles that will grant access to hard-to-reach areas.

Download Latest version of Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie MOD APK with unlocked maps and constructions

Prey Day – online survival game which takes place in the huge city of apocalyptic world. An unknown virus destroyed a large part of the population, leaving only a handful of survivors. Most of the inhabitants turned into zombies or mutated under the influence of the virus. Among the labyrinth of empty streets, the survivors fortify camps to resist zombie hordes and sneak outside to find relatives and discover the cause of the infection.

What’s New
– Holiday tree is now available! Build it on your base and take on simple daily missions to get a gift!
– The first version of raids is launched. You will be raiding copies of real bases, and your personal hideout is safe for now. Bring enough iron axes and sledgehammers, and beware of marauders!
– Added new parameter – hideout level, which enables new bonuses for your base.
– Killed monsters now don’t respawn until you move to another location.
– Added flax plant for cloth crafting.

Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie MOD APKPrey Day Survival Craft & Zombie MOD APKPrey Day Survival Craft & Zombie MOD APKPrey Day Survival Craft & Zombie MOD APK
Game info
Genre: Action
Offered by: Pragmatix
Size: 303MB
System requirements: Android 4.1 and Higher.
Current Version: v1.57
Updated on: 03/01/2019
How to Install: Unzip and place “” to DefaultStorage/Android/Obb, Install APK and Play! OR Click Here to Learn how to install android games with obb data file

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