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Mobile Gaming Taking Over PC And Console Gaming In Terms Of Revenue


Mobile Gaming Taking Over PC And Console Gaming In Terms Of Revenue

PC and console gaming has for long been the bedrock in producing game revenue but these days there has been a turnaround, and this is the main reason I am sharing my thought on “Mobile Gaming Taking Over PC And Console Gaming In Terms Of Revenue”.

Let me start by talking about the advancement of mobile phones, mobile games, and revenue being generate as time goes on.

We are in the technology age where we do everything with the aid of smart technologies ranging from our Smart TVs, wrist watches and Smartphones. This day seeing someone without Smartphone feels awkward to me. When it comes to all the phones that have come to existence, Smartphone still set the pace when it comes to gaming. From realistic graphics and presentations to MMO to Virtual realities and to the latest which is an augmented reality, the one we have seen in Pokémon game series. Ever since Smartphone came into existence, believe me, it had been generating revenue both for the manufacturers, Smartphone app engineers and most especially game developers. And as the games are advancing in features so do the developers add more ways that can increase their revenue. At first, you can download any mobile games for free and play for free with no in-app purchase only your gaming skills open the next level or item for you. During this time, console and PC games were producing 99% of the revenue for the developers, and that was during the days of S40 and S60 mobile phones. As time goes on when Smartphone was launch, we started seeing Android games with pay once and for all feature.

During this time, PC and consoles games were still generating much revenue for game developers cause a lot of sites that buy these games and distribute for free started rolling out which Droidapkgames is among *winks*.

As we proceed, we began to see mobile games that are free to download, but players need to purchase in-app items for better gaming experience which they get using real currency. During this time, PC and Console games are still generating much revenue than mobile games why? Cause mobile gamers found a loophole to purchase those items for free thereby making 60% of mobile phone gamers not to pay a dime but they will still enjoy all the excellent features the game can bring making developers to lose many revenues. As time goes on, because of this, game developers started putting their resources in their server where it’s more safe and secure, and this is how online games came in. Believe me this another reason why most of new Gameloft games are in online mode. With this advancement, nowadays online casino games can now be download from any Smartphone.

Since the existence of online games, 80% of mobile games are now server sided. This server sided technique helped to increase the revenues rapidly to the extent of games like Pokémon, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale has been generating not less than million dollars every month for the developers since launched, and they make this revenue through in-app purchase which most PC and console games don’t have.
Does that mean that PC and console games do not generate much revenue? No, they still because I could remember GTA V making a billion dollar at launch. Does that mean PC and console games don’t support in-app purchase? Yes, they do but only a few. Even the few that do most of the items are irrelevant. One good example is buying of skins which only stylish gamers like me pay little attention to it.

On the other, some PC and console games are now being port to Smartphone. None of them are coming with no in-app purchase. Most of the mobile game lovers will not hesitate to grab them on their Smartphone because no one would spend much time playing the game on the PC or console when they can enjoy the same game while sitting in buses, at classroom, mall or anywhere they feel like using their Smartphone. As they are doing so, they are also spending money on in-app items thereby increasing revenues for the developers. To me, this is an excellent way mobile games make more revenue than PC and console games, and i know before 2020 mobile will completely take control of video game revenue.

The infographic below according to Newzoo shows how mobile gaming is taking over in generating income and how it will ultimately dominate.

Mobile Gaming Taking Over PC And Console Gaming In Terms Of Revenue

Thus, what I posted above is from my point of view. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article
using the comment box.

  1. meka says

    well written, nice article. I have doubt about this before. But with this article am clarified. Thanks for posting.

    1. John GomeZ says

      Am happy you’re now meka. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Endurance says

    My point of view is that, I don’t think Mobile games can take over the PC games even in anything not only revenue..
    But this days mobile games are getting somewhere good also but I don’t think they can take over..

    1. John GomeZ says

      With the advancement in mobile gaming, it will completely take over one day not in graphical and presentation aspect but in revenue.
      Well Let’s fold our fingers and watch as everything evolves.

  3. Your Village People says

    Nice update bro..

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