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Download Tomb Raider APK (NVIDIA SHIELD) v23.329 + obb data file

Tomb Raider APK

The ultimate adventure experience of the 2013 version of the Tomb Raider has finally hit the android store. Tomb Raider APK FOR NVIDIA SHIELD is the official port of the 2013 Square Enix game exclusively only Nvidia Shield TV’s. Tomb Raider APK tells the story of a British heiress Lara Croft, in a journey of her treasure hunting career. Young Ms. Croft is ruined on her first expedition, stranded on a Pacific island that’s teeming with wildlife, architectural treasures, and an oddly large amount of crazy people who want to kill her. The player learns along with Lara as she slowly and painfully picks up survival and combat skills.


Tomb Raider APK FOR NVIDIA SHIELD graphics and general presentation are stunning and top notched. Game only run at 720p on the Tegra-powered SHIELD devices. Controls are cool and easy to get use to depending on the player’s experience in gaming. Gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master. The revised gameplay and action set pieces feel a lot like the Uncharted series and the story is surprisingly brutal and unforgiving. Prepare to see our heroine die in a lot of cringe-inducing ways. Game co-op and multiplayer mode which are seen in the PC version and the consoles version are currently not supported this moment according to game description on google play.

What’s New:

– Stability fixes

Tomb Raider APK
Tomb Raider APK
Tomb Raider APK
Genre: Adventure
Size: 5.5Gb
System requirements: Android 4.0 and Higher.
Current Version: v23.329
Updated on: 07/03/2017
Play Store: com.nvidia.squareenix.tombraider2013
How to Install: Unzip and place “com.nvidia.squareenix.tombraider2013” to SDCard/Android/Obb , Install APK and Play! OR Click Here to Learn how to install android games with obb data file

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HOW TO PLAY ON NON NVIDIA SHIELD DEVICE? ROot ur device and download the apk of GL TOOL and select Tegra on gltool app and run. Tested and working.

  1. epan putra says

    what a zip password

    1. John GomeZ says

      It’s not passworded sir

  2. rahul says

    after i placed obb it not open help me

    1. John GomeZ says

      Sorry for that bro. Hope you are using Nvidia shield device. If not it won’t work.

  3. Anurag says

    Will it work on mi pad 1 which has tegra k1 gpu like shield if I use a controller?

    1. John GomeZ says

      its likely to.. haven’t given it a try yet. you can try and give us a feed back.

  4. Floyd says

    Does it work on galaxy s5 , exynos 5422, octa core proccessor and ARM mali t626 gfx ?

  5. Floyd Mazani says

    Does it work on galaxy s5 , exynos 5422, octa core proccessor and ARM mali t626 gfx ?running android mashmallow

    1. John GomeZ says

      yea bro. use this tutorail. ROot ur device and download the apk of GL TOOL and select Tegra on gltool app and run the Re5 it ll run 1000%

  6. sahil says

    Kya redmi note 3 ma chl jayegi ye game ?

    1. John GomeZ says

      will be glad if you write in english bro so i can help with better reply.

      1. sahil says

        Which phone play game

        1. John GomeZ says

          Nvidia shield devices

  7. Mark says

    Is it work in vivo Y53 ?????

  8. son says

    did you test it?

  9. Christopher Durand says

    i have a shield but it says it can not get the require files … i really dont understand why !

    i did exactly what you said copy ODD and instal apk ..

    Am i doing something wrong ?

    1. John GomeZ says

      Did you place it to the right folder? Android/Obb/(paste game here)

      1. Christopher Durand says

        of course ! it still trying to download the files ! i think the OBB dosent have the right name

        1. John GomeZ says

          It does.. i will upload the patch later which is about 1.8Gb.

          1. Christopher Durand says

            ok let me know when you ve done that i will try again and let you know if this time it works 🙂

          2. John GomeZ says


  10. kretos says

    Zip extract only 1.6GB instead of 5.5GB what is wrong??

  11. kretos says

    where is the patch file 1.8GB

  12. Christopher Durand says

    HI John
    There is no ODD in the file just another folder called FILE
    Is it normal ?

    1. Kretos says

      game will just launch.. then nothing happens try n see

  13. Keshav says

    will it work on redmi note 4

    1. John GomeZ says


  14. Nvidia Shield Android TV says

    Okay If the game said “failed to download the files”
    Method #1: Put The obb in Android/data/(tomb raider folder)/files/obb.
    Method #2 99% working: Install Lucky patcher on Shield android tv then patch the apk and download the game files directly from their server.

    It will work 99% but my main problem is Everytime i launch the game it always validating license and that’s the 1% 😀

    All Nvidia lightspeed studio games needs validating license except Half life 2..

    If the Paid game said “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app” just crack it on lucky patcher it will work like half life 2..

    If it cant crack just buy the game..

    1. Christopher Durand says

      so we can not pass through the Validating game license ? i stuck there too

      1. Nvidia Shield Android TV says

        Just wait the sale. I bought TR for only $5 (black friday sale)

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