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Free Download Resident Evil 5 APK + obb data file v29 – For android

Resident Evil 5 APK

Resident Evil 5 APK also known as BioHazard 5 is an action adventure game by Capcom gaming franchise.

Resident Evil 5 APK+DATA Description

Y’all remember The Umbrella Corporation this evil group time has ran out and unluckily for us it brings a new. More dangerous threat to humans. Almost a decade after Raccoon City incident, Chris Redfield has been fighting the rise of bio-organic weapons all over the world. Now a member of the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). Chris is sent to Africa with a goal in mind, to investigate a biological agent that is transforming the populace into aggressive and terrifying creatures. He won’t face this battle alone as he would be Joined by the beautiful and resourceful BSAA agent, Sheva Alomar, as joint a force. They go on a journey together to uncover the truth behind the scary chain of events. Featuring a revolutionary new co-op mode of gameplay. Resident Evil 5 APK will let players experience fear together as terror moves out of the shadows and into the light of day. And That is pure fun you don’t wanna miss out on.

NOTE: Resident Evil 5 APK is for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV only and requires 5.5GB of free storage space to download.

Resident Evil 5 APKResident Evil 5 APK
Resident Evil 5 APKResident Evil 5 APKResident Evil 5 APKResident Evil 5 APK

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Genre: Action
Offered by: NVIDIA SHIELD Partners
Mode: Offline
Size: 3.7Gb
System requirements: Android 5.0 and Higher.
Current Version: v26
Updated on: 18/05/2016
How to Install: Unzip/Unrar and place “com.nvidia.residentevil5” to SDCard/Android/Obb , Install APK and Play!

HOW TO PLAY ON NORMAL ANDROID DEVICE? ROot ur device and download the apk of GL TOOL and select Tegra on gltool app and run the Re5 it ll run 100%

  1. Anonymous says

    R.e 5 work in asus ZenFone 2 , 4gb ram ?

  2. Kevin Larsen says


  3. Spark Green says

    can't run the app. doesn't open

  4. John GomeZ says

    Sorry for that. Are you usig Nvidia shield device? Cause the game is exclusively for the device.

  5. Anonymous says

    updates new game.. bro

  6. John GomeZ says

    thanks.. i will add it later sir

  7. Ajay says

    Is this game is impossible to run on android mobile….if no then how to play on it…pls answer

    1. John GomeZ says

      no it can’t run on normal android phone.

    2. aditya says

      can i play resident evil 5 on my samsung j7 max

      1. John GomeZ says


  8. ahmad says

    this game very funny

  9. Milan says

    Can R.Evil 5 run on Marasmallow version…????

    1. John GomeZ says

      Only for nvidia shield device.. Check the Play store link.. If your devuce is compatible then come back here and download the game. Looks forward for your feedback

  10. Milan says

    with 6gb ram

  11. Abdul sakib says

    the best game resident evil 4

  12. Abhijeet chandra says

    Can i play resident evil 5 is play in sony Xperia z2?

    1. John GomeZ says

      No Sir.. Only for NVidia Shield devices.

  13. Roy says

    Is there a way of playing this game after rooting using device faker app??

    1. John GomeZ says

      yea. as long as you’re using nvidia shield device

      1. AustinX says

        Guys if u really waana play this game on any android device its very easy just ROot ur device and download the apk of GL TOOL and select Tegra on gltool app and run the Re5 it ll run 1000%

        1. John GomeZ says

          Thanks foe this information!

  14. saleem khan says

    Resident Evil 5

  15. Driller says

    Can it play on 470mb RAM?

    1. John GomeZ says

      No Driller, it won’t.

      1. kenny says

        please can it play on W3 tecno android phone or camo c8, please I need your reply and infinix x551 2gb ram

        1. John GomeZ says

          No it can’t play in any of the devices listed.

  16. Christopher Durand says

    when i copy to ODD folder and instal apk then instal it says : fail to download files

    Do you have any ideas why ?

    1. Christopher Durand says

      i m using nvidia shield of course 🙂

    2. John GomeZ says

      Cause you didn’t copy the obb file to the right folder.

      1. Christopher Durand says

        so i copied it in storage/emulated/android/obb/com.nvidia.residentevil5/ –

        then i copied the com.nvidia.residentevil5.26.apk to Download .

        Remove SD

        then install apk

        launch it and says fail to download fils ….

        am i doing something wrong ?

        1. John GomeZ says

          Hi Chris,

          Can you copy the obb data file to both and external and internal storage depending on the version of you nvidia tab. Or send a screenshot to

          1. Christopher Durand says

            sorry John, i went on holiday in Spain for a week !!
            Its still trying to download, are the file name right and the location write from the path i wrote above ?

          2. Christopher Durand says

            are you there

  17. Pirated says

    Okay If the game said “failed to download the files”
    Method #1: Put The obb in Android/data/(r.e5 folder)/files/obb.
    Method #2 99% working: Install Lucky patcher on Shield android tv then patch the apk and download the game files directly from their server.

    It will work 99% but my main problem is Everytime i launch the game it always validating license and that’s the 1% 😀

    All Nvidia lightspeed studio games need validating license except Half life 2..

    Admin please help me

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