Download Unlimited Best HD, 3D MOD, Paid Android APK Games With OBB Data Files All For Free.

Download NBA 2K16 APK v0.0.29 [Full APK + Obb DATA file] – For Android


Experience real NBA right in your palms with NBA 2K16 APK.

Enjoy a full HD gaming enhancements, new features, updated rosters, and more opportunities to earn Virtual Currency. Start a CAREER in MyCAREER mode as well as in game background soundtrack created by world famous pop super-producer “DJ Mustard”, world famous renowned music producer and a rapper “DJ Khaled”, and world legendary hip-hop producer “DJ Premier”.

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Download Latest NBA 2K16 APK with obb data file For Android

Full MyCAREER, Blacktop, and Season modes.
Improved graphics and game performance
New controls for smoother mobile gameplay
Earn and enjoy more Virtual Currency
Euroleague teams now available
NBA 2K Store offers equipment, courts, VC, updated content, and much more.

What’s New:
Shoes now available in the 2K Store
The Roster has been Updated
Many unique heads have been added to the game
New “Large” controller size now available in the OPTIONS menu
An alternate controller layout is now available in the OPTIONS menu
You can now use your MyPlayer in Blacktop mode
New Tips have been added to explain the advanced controls
Many other bug fixes and improvements have been made

What’s In The MOD APK:
Earn some money and your money will be infinite

NBA 2K16 screenshot 3NBA 2K16 APKNBA 2K16 APKNBA 2K16 APKNBA 2K16 APKNBA 2K16 APKNBA 2K16 APK
Game info
System requirements: Android 4.3 and Up with atleast 2.5gb free memory.
Genre: Sports
offered by: 2k Games
Mode: Offline
size: 2Gb
Current Version: v0.0.29
Updated on: 02/12/2015

How to install NBA 2K16 APK – for Android [full Apk + DATA file]?

  1. Download game (APK + DATA FILE)
  2. Unzip and place Obb Data folder (com.t2ksports.nba2k16android) to SDCard/Android/Obb
  3. Install APK and Play!
  4. OR Click Here to Learn how to install android games with obb data file

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  1. Anonymous says

    what's the mod for?

    1. janz says

      Is this work for mali-400

      1. John GomeZ says


        1. james says

          Would it work on o+ version 5.1 1gb ram

          1. John GomeZ says

            What’s the GPU?

          2. james says

            My phone is 0+ 8.98 and its version is 5.1 lollipop and it is 1gb ram

          3. John GomeZ says

            no. won’t play

  2. John GomeZ says

    Thanks for stopping by… In the Mod your coin will be unlimited, everything will be unlocked. It's just like cheating bro

  3. Anonymous says


  4. asdf says

    Not working at all

  5. John GomeZ says

    Hello asdf.. What's not working? The game is not playing or blank screen?

    1. Rexzell says

      Hi,rexzell here,did this game works on my OPPO NEO3?

      And how to download it?

      1. John GomeZ says

        Sorry Rexzell the game can’t run on your device.

  6. asdf says

    The game exit once launced

  7. John GomeZ says

    Sorry bro. The problem is from your device bro.
    But make sure you Copied data folder "com.t2ksports.nba2k16" to SDCard/Android/Obb

  8. John GomeZ says

    Copy data folder "com.t2ksports.nba2k16" to SDCard/Android/Obb

    Hope it solved the Blank screen issue?

  9. Unknown says

    Its not letting me download bro help

  10. John GomeZ says

    Hi new server added.. in the download page of server one (1) Unmark/untick "download with our downloader" before clicking download. Hope you can now download the game?

  11. HACK-PRO says

    this means your RAM is low , p;s it needs 2 G.B+ RAM, or your phone's GPU is below Mali-890MP

  12. Anonymous says

    i installed the mod apk but it doesn't have any vc

  13. apkmaniak says

    mod nya apa nih gan ?

  14. John GomeZ says

    mod apk added.

  15. John GomeZ says

    download current mod apk this will work

  16. Anonymous says

    Why NBA 2k16 didn't work on my android 5.1?

  17. John GomeZ says

    It works perfectly on android 5.1 bro. If i may ask what error message are you getting? Is the game force closing or what?

  18. Anonymous says

    When I launched the game it closed.

  19. Anonymous says

    Please help me?

    1. Christian says

      Can play this app in 5.1 version?

      1. John GomeZ says


  20. John GomeZ says

    sorry bro..your RAM is low , note: it needs 2 G.B+ RAM, or your phone's GPU is below Mali-890MP. like hack pro said.

  21. Anonymous says

    Blank screen. Followed all the steps. Using ZenFone selfie.

  22. John GomeZ says

    Your phone is not supported bro

  23. Anonymous says

    Why its been 2hrs i start to download it

  24. Anonymous says

    Hmm is compatible of samsung j1

  25. Anonymous says

    Can it download in note 2

  26. Unknown says

    How do i unzip it?

  27. Jon Arbell Donor de Ocampo says

    does it work with cherry mobile flare j1?

  28. John GomeZ says

    No bro.. The game requires a minimum of 1Gb RAM device.

  29. John GomeZ says

    Try downloading using the second server.

  30. John GomeZ says

    No. It won't play on samsung galaxy J1

  31. John GomeZ says

    Yes for sure.

  32. John GomeZ says
  33. Anonymous says

    where can i download the file?

  34. John GomeZ says

    Hi, just Click on the download button with "Download Obb" or use the first download button with "Download APK+OBB" (without quotes)

  35. Emman says

    Is this working for asus zenfone selfie?

  36. John GomeZ says

    Not yet tested on zenfone selfie. But the phone has the minimum requirement needed for the game so it might play.

  37. Mekhi Goodlow says

    Why do you get a blank screen again…and you should make an instruction video

  38. Unknown says

    You should post a video with the steps that would help a lot of people out

  39. nit nieto nieto says

    Can I play on it on a huawei p8 Lite

  40. John GomeZ says


  41. Anonymous says

    Will it work on cloudfone thrill HD?

  42. Anonymous says

    Great graphics, i love it. But when i tey to install the app w/ mod nothing happens. How can i activate the mod? Thanks in advance.

  43. John GomeZ says

    Yes. it should work on cloudfone thrill HD cause the mobile has the minimum requirements for the game to play on it. Download and gives us feedback

  44. William says

    Why i cant download the mod apk?

  45. John GomeZ says

    you can.. just click download mod apk, it will take you to download page scroll down and hit download (ignor the pop ups).. hope this helped?

  46. Anonymous says

    It works and i can play with my Asus Zenfone 2 Adroid Phone with specs of 2.3Ghz, 4gb Ram, 64gb Storage.. but the thing is i can't play with other device, is there's a way to play with my friend via bluetooth or any wireless connectivity? Thanks

  47. Anonymous says
  48. Anonymous says

    will it work on lg g4 stylus?

  49. John GomeZ says

    Not yet tested on lg g4 stylus. But the phone has the minimum requirement needed for the game so it might play.

  50. gopal says

    yes, will work

  51. Reuben Abolo says

    will it work on infinix x507

  52. John GomeZ says


  53. shivanth says

    Hi, my android version is 5.1.1 but it is force closing.My tab is Samsung galaxy tab 4.

  54. John GomeZ says

    bro so sorry you are not able to play on your device. You are not the only one facing this issue cause the game is unable to play on my samsung galaxy S7 Edge. lets wait for next version of this game maay be the bug might be fixed. in the main time you can download NBA 2K17 FROM HERE and be playing it.

  55. Anonymous says

    can I play it in lenovo a2010

  56. John GomeZ says


  57. Anonymous says

    if I click server 1 don't to unzip?

  58. Anonymous says

    iclick download and its download NBA mod+apk etcc

  59. Anonymous says

    how to unzip the data

  60. John GomeZ says

    Server 1 contains the obb and apk file. Just download unzip the file place the obb data folder in the right place (Sdcard/Android/obb) install apk and play. OR Click Here to Learn how to install android games with obb data file

  61. Anonymous says

    how to change the minutes in my career? its only 5minutes

  62. Anonymous says

    is compatible of Lenovo A536?

  63. John GomeZ says

    is compatible of Lenovo A536?…
    Yes but you might experience some lags as the game requires a device with minimum of 2Gb RAM.

  64. jade rosalita says

    Can it run on cherry mobile cubix morph?

  65. John GomeZ says

    Yea jade it will. Will like to hear from u after installing d game

  66. Jem Funilas says

    will it play for myphone my33 ?

  67. John GomeZ says

    Yes Jem Funilas it will play.

  68. Viviiy says

    thanks for share this games brother.

  69. Jem Funilas says

    🙁 really force close when i launch it

  70. John GomeZ says

    Ouch. That hurts bro.. Sorry for that. Try Nba 2k17 it will work for you bro

  71. John GomeZ says

    Thanks Viviiy for stopping by i hope the game is working on your device and which device are you using? Like our facebook page for to be notified once new game is published on this blog

  72. Jem Funilas says

    yeah i know bro. well ill try nba2k17 hope it will work 🙂

  73. Anonymous says

    Will this game work on my oppo f1s?

  74. george says

    can it play in lenovo a806

  75. John GomeZ says

    Not yet tested on lenovo a806. But the phone has the minimum requirement needed for the game so it might play.

  76. John GomeZ says

    Not yet tested on oppo f1s. But the phone has the minimum requirement needed for the game so it might play.

  77. Coolhands says

    Will it play in samsung j7

  78. John GomeZ says

    I can't assure you that tho the device have all it takes to run the game. Why i can't say yes is that the game didn't play on Samsung galaxy S7 Edge. But you can give it a try. Don't forget to give us feed back if it played or not. Thanks!

  79. Coolhands says

    Mod cant be installed in my device though..

  80. Coolhands says

    It work bro.. tnx a lot! But is there any way to change the minutes play time in mycareer mode?

  81. John GomeZ says

    Am happy it played on your device…Enjoy bro!!. Please what error are you getting when trying to install the mod apk?

  82. Coolhands says

    When i tried to install it jst now.. it says application not installed!

  83. John GomeZ says

    ok.. follow this steps. goto your obb folder and locate com.t2ksports.nba2k16android rename it to com.t2ksports.nba2k16androidxxx now go back and uninstall the normal apk (make sure you rename the nba 2k16 obb folder to com.t2ksports.nba2k16androidxxx cause if u did'nt when you uninstall the normal apk the obb folder will go with it which means you have to download again) after doing the steps above install the mod apk, rename the nba 2k16 folder from com.t2ksports.nba2k16androidxxx back to com.t2ksports.nba2k16android and play.. hope this helped. Enjoy bro!!

    1. Marvin says

      Sir will it work with oppo a33w?or in vivo v5lite?

      1. John GomeZ says

        not yet tested

  84. Coolhands says

    Tnx bro

  85. Kelvin Dela Cruz says

    I followed the instructions but it still don't work. I can't enter the game app. Sony xperia z user

  86. Anonymous says

    Hey bro, when I unzipping it there is an error then what seems to be the problem?

  87. John GomeZ says

    Try using a pc bro.

  88. remart robles says

    Does it wok on samsung j7 2015 edition?

  89. John GomeZ says

    yes eobles

  90. Da MasterOfShadows says

    I got a Blu Energy X Plus 1gb Ram will it work?

  91. John GomeZ says


  92. Anonymous says

    Hello po..tanong ko lang kung pwede ba fo ma download sa s7 edge?paano mag install?

  93. John GomeZ says

    Ikinalulungkot namin na hindi ito ay i-play sa s7 edge (black screen issue)

  94. mike ekim says

    Updated na po ba yung roster as of this season?

  95. harry says

    how if i downloaded it from a p.ganon pa rin procedure?

  96. harry says

    how if i downloaded it from a pc,,mag kakaroon ba ng problem?

  97. John GomeZ says

    You won't have any problem if you download using a pc. Just connect your device to your pc using a USB cord, Extract the contents and copy com.t2ksports.nba2k16android to Sdcard/Android/obb install apk and play!

  98. Unknown says

    does it work with cherry mobile flare j2?

  99. John GomeZ says

    yeS BOSS

  100. Maricel Galerio says

    Hi..ask ko LNG kng magwowork b cya s cherry mobile flare xl plus 2gb ram?thnx po

  101. Maricel Galerio says

    Compatible po b cya s cherry mobile flare xl plus?2gb ram po un..thnx po

  102. John GomeZ says


  103. Anonymous says

    Please help me, it says "Download failed because you have not purchased this item".

  104. John GomeZ says

    Yes because you didn't place the data folder correctly. Follow the instructions onn this page to learn how to fix that.

  105. Peter Tansipek says

    WHY i cant download the obb file on my oppo f1s? pls. help me

  106. John GomeZ says

    what's the error msg you are gettin while trying to download?

  107. Anonymous says

    OS Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat)
    Chipset Mediatek MT6582
    CPU Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7
    GPU Mali-400MP2

  108. Unknown says

    Its possible to work in MALI-T720
    LAVA IRIS 758

  109. John GomeZ says

    sorry your device is not supported, you can try NBA 2K17 it works perfectly on most device. look forward hearing from you soonest.

  110. John GomeZ says


  111. Anonymous says

    How to download obb files please help..

  112. wasted Santos says

    extract failed at 99%..asus zenfone 3 max..pls help

  113. Unknown says

    extract failed at phone is asus zenfone 3 max..pls help

  114. John GomeZ says

    Use a pc for the the extraction bro.

  115. vinsanity02 says work on oppo joy3?

    1. John GomeZ says

      Yes boss!

  116. says says

    Can work on oppo neo 7?

    1. John GomeZ says

      Yes boss

      1. says says

        But In Other Web Oppo Neo 7 Can’t Play NBA 2k16
        This Apk For All GPU?

        1. John GomeZ says

          yea… i think you should try yourself..

  117. favourite says

    The game refuse to open on my device I’m using infinix hot 4,I have downloaded the obb data and it’s not opening at all

    1. John GomeZ says

      Is it the obb data that is not opening or the game it aelf when you want to play it?

  118. Anonymous says

    Do NBA 2k16 works on OPPo a33w

  119. Anonymous says

    Does it work on Oppo A33w Sir??

    1. John GomeZ says

      not yet tested.. but the device reachs the minimium requirement for the game to run.

  120. Sy says

    I like it

  121. aivanne says

    The game exit once launched

    1. John GomeZ says

      Sorry for that. Your device is not supported

  122. Jonathan says

    J’ai un Wiko Lenny 3 est ce que sa va marcher version​ 6.0

    1. John GomeZ says

      Aucun frère.

  123. Arrix 23 says

    Will it work on asus zenfone 5 my gpu is powerVRsgx544 mp2?

    1. John GomeZ says


      1. Joshua says

        Hello Sir.. Will it work on samsung core prime??

        1. John GomeZ says

          No Sir.

  124. Dafuq says

    Firce close when mode my career, season & quick game. My device android 5.1 ,3 gb ram gpu andreno

    1. John GomeZ says

      It means your device can’t run the game bro

  125. King156 says

    Is this working in lenovo a536

    1. John GomeZ says


  126. Christian says

    Boss Will it work on Cherry Mobile Flare S Play? It has a 2GB Ram and has a GPU Mali-450MP4

    1. John GomeZ says

      yes boss

  127. Marvin says

    Sir any nba 2k15/2k16/2k17 gagana po ba sa oppo neo 7

  128. Jhon Brian K. Lopez says

    Samsung galaxy grand prime
    V: 5.1.1

    1. John GomeZ says


  129. Harley Esguerra says


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