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Download God Of War Mobile Edition MOD APK Unlimited soul and Money

Download God Of War Mobile Edition MOD APK

God Of War Mobile Edition MOD APK has finally arrived on Android as an offline and also a freemium game. Could this be a teaser of the anticipated God Of War 2018 which is coming on PS so we can see some actions again? God of war isn’t a new name in the gaming industry as most of us must have heard so many things about this legendary third person action game series. In 2005, the release that started one of the most popular series in recent history. It’s not hard to see why as Kratos plows his way through Greek mythology using excessive force. If only learning about mythology in school was this much fun Kratos should have been a teacher. I know most of us might be thinking if this is the original God of war or not. Well, let’s find out in the brief review below.

Download God Of War Mobile Edition MOD APK Unlimited Soul and Money Free Android Offline game

God Of War Mobile Edition MOD APK has a hack ‘n’ slash gameplay in side-scroller way. Sad it’s not a 3D game. On this game you will be playing as kratos, slaying enemies level by level and each level comes with an epic boss fight to face. On the control side, on the left side of the screen are two buttons which are used for character movement to left or right. And double tapping on those arrows will cause your character to roll over and dodge enemy attacks. Since it’s not in English language, you might find little hard to understand what is going on in the story part but in gameplay wise, you will find no problem playing it. Use skills to kill enemies and they recharge over time to be used again. Almost nailed the action part from the original God Of War game from kratos movements and action sequences. Only down part i could find its graphics and side-scroller gameplay.

Kratos cast himself from the highest mountain in all of Greece. God Of War Mobile Edition MOD APK is the Android version of God Of War where Kratos in an attempt to free his mind of the sins of his past as a Spartan must defeat the god Ares. Everything that moves in this game which is one of the most richly made fantasy games ever created. God of War Android APK is sheer perfection for the 2D side scroller game because it has almost same ingredients as the God Of War PS Series.

Download God Of War Mobile Edition MOD APK
Download God Of War Mobile Edition MOD APK
Download God Of War Mobile Edition MOD APK
Genre: RPG
Offered by:
Size: 81Mb
System requirements: Android 2.0 and Higher.
Current Version: v1.0.1
Updated on: 10/07/2017
Play Store: GOD OF WAR
How to Install: Install APK and Play!


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