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Durango Wild Lands APK MOD + obb data file v2.16.0 Android Download

Durango Wild Lands APK MOD

Durango Wild Lands APK MOD is an adventure, survival MMORPG just arrived android in a limited time beta. Durango Wild Lands APK MOD was Developed and published by NEXON COMPANY. Playing this game for quite long now and i must say, it’s one of the best survival MMORPG on Android. Many might be waiting for Durango Wild Lands MOD APK; we can’t assure that for now. The mod app might come later or might not come due to game security. Let’s cross our fingers and wait.

Download Durango Wild Lands APK MOD Limited Beta With Key For Android

Durango Wild Lands APK MOD is an online action-adventure survival open world game set in ancient worlds. In the beginning, player have to make character selection of his choice, and those characters are on a journey with a train and the game starts after making a selection of character. A giant known as T-Rex will come will attack the train after the first quest and kills everyone. Suddenly after that, you will get yourself in the game with other survivors and villagers.

It’s a limited beta, and it’s for only select players so i would suggest you grab a BETA KEY as soon as possible so you can enjoy it long enough until game releases worldwide. The game looks promising, and hunting dinosaurs are so much fun and amazing. Graphics look dull, but the game has fantastic contents like crafting, hunting, building and a big world to explore. You can also ride dinosaurs. Game looks huge for its content based gameplay.

Durango Wild Lands APK MOD graphical and presentation aspect is not bad at all. Enter an itemized 2.5D graphical open world that represents and mechanics that extend past the normal versatile game. Unite with other players whether they are your friends or random personas and build your village. And make due as a group against the assaults of predatory dinosaurs. Make an unending assortment of instruments, crafting, dressing, foods, and increasingly that utilization assets found over the game world. Chase, catch, and tame dinosaurs to ride and use in your group building, making full use of the world’s assets.

Durango Wild Lands APK MOD
Durango Wild Lands APK MOD
Durango Wild Lands APK MOD
Durango Wild Lands APK MOD
Genre: RPG
Offered by: Nexon
Size: 104Mb
System requirements: Android 4.1 and Higher.
Current Version: v2.16.0+1711151321
Updated on: 23/11/2017
Play Store: com.nexon.durango.lb300
How to Install: Unzip and place “com.nexon.durango.lb300” to SDCard/Android/Obb , Install APK and Play! OR Click Here to Learn how to install android games with obb data file

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  1. Ivan says

    Pls update Durango again… its just updated few hours ago to 2.1.0+1707261926
    Please update the Mod fast. We cant play without updating…… pls

    1. John GomeZ says

      Ivan thanks for stopping by. Durango have been updated to the latest version. Enjoy your game.

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