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Download Black Desert Mobile APK MOD v1.1.4 – For Android

Black Desert Mobile APK MOD

Black Desert Mobile APK MOD is an adventure role playing game from PEARL ABYSS. Black Desert Mobile was clearly the title which stood out for me in a sea of MMO clones where the auto function is king and the modes are all. If a game could put off the impressive trick of being original and entertaining it should be this game. Unfotunetly Black Desert Mobile English Version is not available right now.

Download Latest version of Black Desert Mobile APK MOD for Android

First phase of black desert mobile APK MOD released with only five classes warrior, Ranger, Giants, witch and Valkyrie. Yes I’m sure some of you might not find a class they wanted to start with but they shall come in time. Each character have eight active skills to choose from and have a very large pool of skills. Apparently the modes in which you will be able to test them are the open world of course. Open world gameplay with Main features such as word boss fights, guild, base as well as PvP and modes something called conquests and base capture as you may already know.

Black Desert Mobile MOD APK is not just about fighting, there’s so much more to do the developers and made it that they were initially concerned about the amount of game they could port from PC to mobile but that in the end they managed to keep a lot from the original game for you to enjoy on mobile. You can still be a landowner but can you still have slaves you pay with beer so far it seems like this function might not be included in the game. Some jobs are available for you to make a bucks in this cruel world like mining, wood cutting, smithing and fishing.

Black Desert Mobile APK MODBlack Desert Mobile APK MODBlack Desert Mobile APK MODBlack Desert Mobile APK MOD
Game info
Genre: RPG
Offered by: PEARL ABYSS
Size: 58MB
System requirements: Android 5.0 and Higher.
Current Version: v1.1.4
Updated on: 28/02/2018
How to Install: Install APK, Download 2GB worth of game data direct from game and Play!

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