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Alien Blackout APK

Alien Blackout APK is a mobile survival horror game that realizes itself in the same universe as the movie horror franchise. If you’ve ever imagined how terrifying it’ll be to be stuck with Instinctive alien killer. Forget imagination, Alien Blackout APK is the reality you want, You’re about to experience a fear crippling moments, not so cute situations and Very friendly villainous Xenomorph in the hot horror themed game. Try to stay alive while trapped aboard a damaged space station carrying a deadly Xenomorph as it hunts you and the crew. Show your brilliance against a crafty hunter.

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You’ll play as Amanda Ripley who’s space station has been invaded by a Xenomorph. Your job is to guide your crew to safety. Survive seven fear-inducing levels guiding Amanda Ripley and her crew through increasingly challenging tasks. The probability of things going side ways is always high thanks to the difficulty of both the alien and her crew which can result in total defeat for Amanda and the entire station. Expect you’ll have to make some difficult decisions with each level advancement to keep your crew safe. Alien Blackout APK will test the inner nerves of both Alien and horror fans alike, where life can end almost literally.

In Alien Blackout APK MOD You’ll be expected to:

SURVIVE OR DIE – Harnessing only the space station’s limited power supply to operate a holographic map, surveillance cameras, and motion tracker, and a few other resources on the space station to help you through, including emergency systems that you can use to gain the upper hand while you attempt to stay hidden from the hunter watchful eyes. sounds fun, doesn’t it?!

EXPECT A NEW CHAPTER IN THE FRANCHISE – A new chapter in the Alien franchise following the saga of Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter and the film’s Alien.

ENCOUNTER FEAR AT IT’S PEAK – Every decision leads to a different conclusion and maybe to the Xonemorph!. No one really knows!

UNEQUALED ALIEN MOBILE EXPERIENCE – An immersive and captivating Alien experience, perfectly designed for mobile gaming.Such quality can only be experienced in Alien: Blackout.

Download and experience Alien:Blackout and maybe a few poop in the pants.

What’s New
– Game now skips story moments when restarting a level.
– Added a “Turning Speed” adjustment for Amanda’s camera control to the Game Settings menu.
– Players with older devices may want to select “Optimize Performance” in the Game Settings menu.

Alien Blackout APKAlien Blackout APKAlien Blackout APK
Game info
Genre: Adventure
Offered by: D3 GO
Size: 238Mb
System requirements: Android 4.3 and above.
Current Version: 1.0
Updated on: 08/02/2019
How to Install: Unzip and place “com.D3Go.mendel” to DefaultStorage/Android/Obb, Install APK and Play! OR Click Here to Learn how to install android games with obb data file

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